Washington No Modern Asylum (WaNMA) is a coalition of Neurodiversity activists/self-advocates, Mad Pride activists, de-institutionalization activists/self-advocates, and prison abolitionists. We organize to abolish institutions, prisons, and the police state. Our current campaigns include:

  1. Stop the plans to expand institutions in Washington, including Governor Inslee’s plan to build nine new psychiatric institutions over the next few years.
  2. Stop plans by guardians of adults with developmental disabilities to make it easier to forcefully sterilize those under guardianship. This is the “stop eugenics campaign.”
  3. End Facebook’s plan to call cops on people their AI system detects as suicidal.
  4. Support prison abolition campaigns, including the No New Youth Jail campaign/coalition.
  5. Directly support people with disabilities in their fights against being institutionalized.

[image above: black text on a pink background reading “communities not cages. abolish prisons and institutions.” end description]